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The INFORMAT aims at the development and use of multipurpose teams of robotic forest mobile platforms with semi-autonomous operation capabilities, for clearing the bush and creating fuel breaks. This allows to vastly increase the efficiency and speed of forest management activities, while allowing a drastic reduction of the costs associated with the maintenance of private or public fuel breaks. Even if very useful, these fire prevention infrastructures are extremely costly being estimated that the costs of fuel management of public fire prevention fuel breaks can reach 300 million Euros until 2020. The INFORMAT develops and employs robotic systems to semi-automatically manage the forest fuels in wildland urban interface areas with complex terrain in terms of slope and roughness. These systems will be adapted to be able to work semi-autonomously. This functionality allows to dramatically improve the efficiency of the forest clearing process, by employing a team of several robots with different tools specialized for different tasks working simultaneously in the same field, under the supervision of a human work responsible, whose responsibility is only to intervene in case some abnormal situation is detected by the sensors of any machine, or by the human worker himself. This way, one can optimize the human workforce, by taking full advantage of the technological resources available, as well as perform the terrain clearing task faster and more efficiently.

It also brings greater ecological and economic sustainability to the activity, through the use of tools installed in the robots, which allow the collection of the biomass resulting from the cleaning of the forest, for its later use.
This initiative has already been awarded the Govtech prize for innovative products and services which provide an answer to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, and the Credito Agrícola Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award.

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